Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Frock Me Vintage Fashion Fair

Ahhh another list to tick off on my ever changing Bucket List. I do come across some amazing ideas which then means taking something off and adding to it. Numero 55 was to attend a vintage fair. My very good friend Gem got me interested in Vintage clothing so it was only fitting to drag her along with me. My first one was the Brighton Vintage Fair and since it was my first time I was too engrossed in all the clothing, music and atmosphere to take photos.
 So last month we decided to try out the Frock Me Vintage Fair in London. Armed this time with my camera and how to get there, we set off for London. It was a beautiful day and very hot hence the cold drink in hand. I wore this 50's style dress I bought at the Brighton fair and received lots and lots of compliments for it. Even my mum approved of it and thats saying somethng believe me. 
This dress was the best thing on show that day. Just look at it-isn't just a stunner? I didn't bother trying it one in case I damaged it plus where on earth would I wear it to?
The fair was held at the Chelsea Old Town Hall  and boy was it HOT in there. I was sweating buckets and the "changing rooms" were actually the toilets area with just rails to hang the clothes so baiscally any female that walks in can see you getting changed. We were not allowed to change in the actuall toilet cubicles-Nightmare it was. 
This dress below was another favourite of mine. I just love the rose print and the fullness of the skirt. I got told off for thaking that photo by thw owner-oops. I mean what did he think I was gonna do with it, make a replica? 
I spent a more than I thought I would spend and all my purchases were skirts. To be honest, I wouldn't make the journey to this one again as I found the Brighton one much better than this so in futue I will be sticking to the one close to home.  


  1. So many cute pieces here...and I love your pink dress x

  2. Wow seems like an amazing place !

  3. Thx for your lovely comment!

    Love your dress!


  4. That looks so awesome! I bet you had a great time!

    x Angela / bouncingbrunette.wordpress.com

  5. oo, that first dress is such a dream. love it


  6. nice post:)


  7. The vintage fair looked lovely! The dresses are just spectacular! Looks like it would be such a great day finding treasures!


  8. What a cool event!


  9. Oh, looking great! Very beautiful! Such a great dress, amazing color! Eye catching! And a Vintage fair in Brighton? I would have loved being there! The white and blue floral dress is so much my taste! I really loved your post! Hopefully there are more fairs like that, I want to go!

  10. love your outfit, and the vintage fair looks cool