Friday, 31 January 2014

David Hot-Ass Gandy for Mark & Spencer SS14 Campaign

What is it with this man that makes a perfectly sane young lady like moi act all gooey like a love sick teenager? Is it those smouldering blue eyes? Or perhaps those exceptionally chiseled face? Or how about the fact he could be wearing bin bags and I will still gladly jump his bones. (Did I honestly just write 'jump his bones'? Hope my mum is not reading this). Whatever it is David, keep on doing it and I will keep on starring at you whenever I get the chance.

Mark & Spencer or commonly known here in the UK as M&S is a British multinational retailer with over 700 stores in the UK and 361 all over the world. Up until last year I would not have shopped there as I thought their clothes were for the older generation. However since this posts, I've found a whole new love for them. The new new style director is definitely turning things around and it clearly shows with their SS14 collection for men as sported by Mr hot-as Gandy. From refined formal suits to casual knits, this collection is sure to be a hit. What I love about collection is both the young adult and older men can rock this look without looking out of place. I would gladly buy this for my man (if David comes with it of course!).
Photos by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca for M&S



  1. Loool I do believe that is his real middle name, t'was given to him at birth. David Hot - Ass Gandy, they could see he was going to be a beauty! lol x xx

  2. Maybe it's all of the above! :-) He does have a nice shaped face.


  3. These ads make me love M&S all the more - and want to dress my husband in all of their clothes!